Reusable Face Masks

Pack of TWO (2) Face Masks @ R 180.00  (ex VAT)

Its Mine Face Masks have been developed with the assistance of a pharmacist and trauma surgeon.
  • -3 layer mask with 80% lower facial coverage
  • -The shell and lining are both in 110gms PolyCotton and a third middle layer in non- woven
  • -Our mask is comfortable and functional, the straps allow for less adjusting and facial contact with hands than the elastic strap masks

Our middle layer serves as a filter – a non-woven material fused to the top layer of the fabric.  This reduces the chance of cross contamination and infection through handling a removable filter and also reduces environmental impact.

Each mask lasts approximately 200 washes.

  • -XSmall (age 1 - 4 years 14cm x 10cm)
  • -Small (age 4 to 10 years)  16cm x 11cm
  • -Medium (age 11, 12, Teens and Ladies)  18cm x 13cm
  • -Large (Mens)  20cm x 14cm

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