About Us

Hello and welcome to Its Mine.

Late in 2004 my family and I returned to Sunny South Africa after spending 7 years in rainy Melbourne, Australia. Two highlights of our time there were the births of our two children – and with that my “birth” into the world of children’s labels.

I absolutely loved choosing the colourful icons and fonts with my kids – and the labels actually worked! They became essential in our home; the concept was so good that it was hard to find a Mum in Melbourne without labels.

In 2005, together with a professional graphic artist, I busied myself with designing the “Its Mine” ranges of children’s labels. In 2006 I excitedly introduced the product to the local market. These ranges of personalized vinyl stick-on and iron-on labels have spread rapidly via word-of-mouth. Kids love their bright colours, and the cool icons and funky fonts are easy to read and easy to identify as “Its Mine".
Now in 2007 we are thrilled (and a little proud to be honest!) to go live with our new interactive website, providing you the opportunity to have fun together with your kids designing your own labels, and conveniently ordering them online. All our products have been extensively tested and have proved perfect for the South Africa household’s everyday and long term use. Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. We sincerely hope you have tonnes of fun creating your own labels and that you love the product as much as we do!

Happy Parenting