New user suggestions

New User to our Products or just can’t decide ?

Here are a few suggestions to help you choose which product best suits you.

Need to label ALL your kids belongings in one easy step?    - 
Try our Starter Pack -                                                                                           
(clothing, stationery, lunch boxes, juice bottles, books, shoes, bags etc. )                                                                  

 Looking for Gift/Present labels ?-  Try our DIY Labels, Face Labels and Family Figure Labels.

Labelling shoes - Try our shoe dots,  shoe recognisers, large or small vinyls.  
These are all treated  to allow harder wearing aswell as to protect against water and scratching.

 Need clothing to be labelled ? -  Try our iron-ons which stay put when iron-on !

 Juice bottles and lunch boxes, books etc.-  The large and small vinyls are most popular.

 Pencil labelling-  our pencil labels are great for all stationery.

 Popular Gift ideas -  Out of Africa Pack, Wheelie Bin labels (super house-warming gift), family face labels,  shoe dots.  Our Bag tags are great Christmas stocking fillers.  KIDS ON CANVAS make a super gift for any relative.  Our gift vouchers allow your friends and family to share in the fun of selecting and ordering from our fun site !

 Need to have your childs bag identifiable ? -  Look at our Round or Shapie bag tags

 Favourite icons-      Girls:   number 1, 2, 16, 17, 32, 35
                                             Boys:  number 4, 40, 41, 42, 69,70

All our labels come in ALL the girl colours or ALL the boys colours, you need only let us know the gender