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1x Personalised Tote Bag @ R240  (ex VAT)

Its Mine has introduced gorgeous, durable Bull Denim Tote Bags that are large enough for packing and carrying all the important things needed for a fun sleepover, school day and holiday time.

Personalise your Tote Bags with our unique designs, or design your own and we will happily print it for you.

It’s a great all-purpose bag sized at 420 x 380mm, they make great gifts for teachers, friends and family. You may want to take a look at our popular drawstring bags too.
Tote Bags
Choose a Tote bag
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Preferred Colours

Design Choice
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Monogram Blue
Monogram Brown
Monogram Pink
Monogram Purple
monogram Red
Tote Babushka Teach IRON
Tote Button My Heart Pink IRON
Tote Dance Teacher SUB
Tote Filigree MIX
Tote Heart With Scroll IRON
Tote Later Alligator MIX
Tote Sideways Swirl Pink Glitter
Tote Sideways Swirl Silver Glitter
Tote Superpower Teacher MIX
Tote Teach From The Heart SUB
Tote Teacher Live Learn Pink Glitter Vinyl
Tote Teacher Live Learn Red Flock
Tote Teacher Live Learn Silver Glitter Vinyl
Tote Teachers Apple Navy Flock
Tote Teachers Apple Red Flock
Tote Teachers Apple Silver Glitter Vinyl
Tote Teaching Creates SUB
Tote Wise Owl MIX
Totes Teachers Soar SUB
Tote Design Your own
Tote Initial and Name  Flock
Tote Initial and Name Pink Glitter Flock
Tote Initial and Name Red Flock
Tote Initial and Name Silver Flock
Tote Name Block MIX
Tote Name Only Navy Flock
Tote Name Only Pink Glitter Flock
Tote Name Only Red Flock
Tote Name Only Silver Glitter Flock
Tote Selfie
Tote Uni Pink Glitter Vinyl
Tote Uni Red Flock
Tote Button My Heart BROWN IRON
Tote Daffodil Girl IRON
Tote Dolfin IRON
Tote Elephant Waterhole IRON
Tote Flower IRON
Tote Heart with Name Navy Flock
Tote Heart with Name Pink Glitter Vinyl
Tote Heart with Name Silver Glitter Vinyl
Tote King Of Jungle IRON
Tote LetterLand IRON
Tote Pink And Purple College IRON
Tote Two Elephants IRON
Tote Two Love Birds IRON
RED FLOCK with Star
Tote Combi Navy Flock
Tote Combi Pink Glitter
Tote Combi Red Flock
Tote Dinomania IRON
Tote Monster IRON
Tote Navy and Red College IRON
Tote Robot IRON
Tote Shark Attack IRON
Tote Star Navy Flock
Tote Surfer Dude IRON

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